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ZhongDe Metal Group Co.,Ltd. set up subsidiaries in Guangzhou, Beijing in China and headquarter of its German subsidiary in Stuttgart, with other five offices in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden, Dusseldorf, which makes the cooperation and exchange between Europe and China, especially Germany and China normalization.

These subsidiaries in Germany will be a resources platform for cooperation between Europe and China, a bridge to introduce high quality products and high-end technology into Chinese market from Europe, and a carrier to promote cooperation, acquisition and reorganization between SMEs from Europe and China.

Dusseldorf,Frankfurt,Stuttgart,Munich,Dresden, Berlin

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Contacts: Hailong Sun    Mobile: 18022588822

Bingzhi Huang    Mobile: 18666331373

Telephone: (0663) 333 3333


Address: Floor 20-22, Honghe Building, Rongcheng District, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province