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Sino-German Metal Eco City—Successful Project

· Sino-German Resources Recycling Center

German ALBA Group is one of the ten environmental service and resources recycling companies in the world. With the third green coal treating technology of life waste, AlBA adopts the standard recycling-treating-trading process, and carries out comprehensive recycling in terms of scrap metal, industrial waste, electronic waste, end-of-life vehicles, plastic, packing materials and life waste.

Ye Lv Bao is the first project of the Resources Recycling Base with expected turnover of 1.5 billion, which is able to deal with 1,000 tons of urban house refuse per day, 20,000 scrap cars per year, 400,000 tons of scrap steel per year, 1,200,000 waste electrical and electronic products per year. After the whole construction finished, it is able deal with 60,000 scrap cars per year, 600,000 tons of scrap steel per year, 3,000,000 waste electrical and electronic products per year. Besides, other new subentry will be added, such as dealing with 20,000 tons of tire rubber powder, 30,000 tons of waste plastics, 20,000 tons of ferrous scrap, engine transmission remanufacturing and renewable resources market.



The Hawerkampf engineering and plastic pipe GmbH and Co. KG. (Bauku) is the inventor of spiral pipes and one of the most important writers of the German pipe standards. It is also the first German plastic pipe equipment manufacturer and the first company to conduct standardized production of plastic pipe in the world. Bauku has a complete industrial chain from equipment and pipe production, up to the planning and design of piping systems and copyright of the application software. Furthermore, it is the provider of the solution of the city waterlogging and the transformation of the pipe system in Europe.

KCL Technology Co., Ltd., Bauku and Beijing Longhan Investment Co., Ltd. together established a joint venture - Bauku plastic pipe system (Jieyang) Co., Ltd. In addition, a Chinese-German Research Institute for Urban Pipe Systems will be built and introduce German and European standards, technologies and relevant experience of the pipeline to China.

- Total investment of 1.8 billion RMB

- Manufacturing site in Jieyang

Section One: three production lines for PE pipes, investment of 200 million RMB, yearly 12000 tons of pipes, production value of 400 million RMB.

In 5 years: Annually 60,000 tons of pipes, production value of 2 billion RMB



ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH is a German manufacturer of surgical instruments with high quality and a world-class developer of software for the supervision of surgical instruments. The ASANUS Barcon software is an intelligent control system with the internet of things technology,with the high-end RFID technology, carrying out the real-time and transparent management and disinfection monitoring, and making the business process of the medical institutions go more smoothly. Characterized the overall process loss is reduced by up to 70%.

Partners: Guangdong ASANUS Medical Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH

The total investment is 500 million RMB, which will be carried out in 2 sections:

Section 1: 50 million RMB used for the innovation center with a plant area of 10,000 m² and an output value of 200 million RMB

Section 2: 450 million RMB; the project is to start in February 2015 and is expected to put into production until Feb. 2016



Ferdinand Menrad Holding GmbH is one of the top 500 companies in Germany. The company has many well-known brands such as Jaguar license, DAVIDOFF, CARL ZEISS and MENRAD. It has the world-class production technology of ingglasses.

Partners: Jieyang Huifeng Glasses Co., Ltd.

Ferdinand Menrad Holding GmbH

Expected output:

- Total investment of 300 million RMB

- Annual turnover of 1 billion RMB