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Sino-German Metal Eco City - Service Project

· Five centers

Create a one-stop service platform, optimizing resources, optimizing resource configuration

· Comprehensive Service Center

Area of structure: about 34,300㎡. Bearing the regional administration and comprehensive service functions, is the important center for administration, business, negotiation, consultation and exhibition.

· R&D Center

Area of structure: about 11,260㎡. This is the institute of the entered enterprises; to build a domestic and international influential platform of introducing, converting technologies and integrating R&D.

· Industrial Design Center

Area of structure: about 11,700㎡. To pull off the unmanned manufacturing in the metal industry, provides services like corporate planning, design, modern digital design etc.

· Financial Service Center

Area of structure: about 14,900㎡. Taking charge of financial service of Eco-city, provides financial service for entered enterprises and their staffs.

· Sino-German Communication Center

Includes German-style bars (such as western food, now-made beer, coffee, stage, bars, German TV and German newspaper), supermarkets, business centers, gymnasiums of German style, soccer, tranditional Chinese restaurants and hotels of German standard.


· Sino-German innovation incubator

It’s jointly built by Wista-management GmbH and ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd.

Establishment of the incubator will be a sister unit of the International innovative center in Adlershof Industrial Park.

Platform of industry transferring and technology innovation incubator, provides infrastructure service, market-oriented and international service for the European enterprises, overseas returnees and scientific&technical personnel at home and abroad, promote commercialization of research outputs, cultivate outstanding enterprises and entrepreneur, and support listed companies.


· Hotel and Villa Area

It aims to provide a convenient, beautiful and well-equiped living area in German style for the professionals.

It covers an area of 330,000㎡, with a total investment of about 1.02 billion yuan and is planned to be completed in Nov. 2016.

Maritim Hotel covers an area of about 39,000㎡, with totally 455 rooms and an investment of 500 million yuan.

200 villas are planned to be constructed, with a total structure area of 410,000㎡ and an investment of 200 million yuan. The culture village plans to cover a area of 1388000㎡.


· Residential Area

Total area of 36,228 m²

Construction area of 153,486.8 m²

Floor space index (FSI): 3.49

Total inhabitants: about 11.414 people, with 2,462 residential homes and apartments. Including 2,238 residences and 224 apartments.

Main inhabitants: the workers in the factories settled

The total investment is 400 million yuan

10 dormitory building and 1 apartment building and infrastructure such as basketball court, badminton court, fitness center, supermarket, etc.


· Sino-German Dual University of Applied Sciences

It’s cooperation between China and Germany and will introduce the German dual-system vocational education system.It’s he first undergraduate university of applied sciences in China with innovative system and mechanism and independent legal personality.

The university covers an area of 1,500 mu. Its planning construction area is recently 320,000㎡ and forward to 480,000㎡, with modern teaching and living facilities and advanced computer network service system.

The key teachers will be designated by the German university and Guangdong University of Technology to build up the based team. Also, to order to enrich the education team, according to the hiring criteria of German university, recruitment will be advertised all over the world.

In the first phase, it plans to enroll 500 students of undergraduate or higher level, and to reach 9,000 by 2020, 16,000 by 2025.


· Nature Park

Harmony in the industry, family and ecology.

The nature park includes fundamental service center, exhibition zone of Sino-German culture. There are also sunbathe in the forest, wetland, theme activities for outdoors, anion oxygen bar, etc.


· Main Roads of the Eco City

Three main avenues are planned to be constructed, with a total length of 19.445km and a investment of 1.6 billion yuan. The Sino-German Avenue (east-west) is totally 6.291km; the Pear Avenue (south-north) is totally 7.174km; the Rhein Avenue (south-north) is totally 5.98km.All are designed in the ubran construction standard, with speed of 60km/h,two-way six-lane and asphalt concrete pavement.

For the first phase, it plans to invest 584 million yuan, with a total length of 7km. Its completion will enhance connection with A206, Shanmei Expressway, A335 and other major highways in Jieyang.