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Investment Procedures

· Admission Procedure

Generally speaking, admission procedure includes the following steps:

· Policies and Laws

· Government Policy Support

In order to support the operation of Sino-German Metal Eco City, government institutions at various levels offer a lot supporting policies in the promotion of the healthy development of the whole park zone and industry.

· Preferential Policies on Land

The provincial government support the Eco City with preferential policies in land use.

· Special Funds

The Eco City gets support of capital from the provincial government, which is considered as special funds for construction of industrial parks.

· Ancillary Facilities

All ancillary facilities for daily life will be established by the Eco City.

· Science and Technology Support

Provincial government supports the Eco City to register special funds of provincial or state level for scientific and technical R&D, reformation and innovation, industrial design, energy saving and emission reduction and environmental protection.